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       Hey, I’m Sophie

I help high achieving, ambitious women rewriting the script for what they think they’re capable of by dropping the good girl, people pleasing, perfectionism that keeps them  small, outsourcing their power, stuck in comparison, resentment, self doubt.

My mission is to help as many women as humanly possible live life on their terms, to guide them home to themselves, to who they really are so they can confidently claim who they’re here to be, unlock their limitless power, potential and shine their light on this world.

I believe we all deserve to live an extraordinary life beyond limits. The moment you learn how to quiet your busy, critical, mind, slow down your busy life, get intentional about who you want to be and create empowering and aligned ways of thinking and being, life shifts in ways you never imagined.

Through my 1:1 containers, masterclasses and programs, my focus is help you build an  intentional life, an incredible relationship with self and to show you that all of the answers you’re looking for are already within you so you can find peace, ease, flow as your pursue your goals and live a life that feels amazing from the inside out.

I’m here to provide the strategies and support you need to go to the next level in life, career, business, and love. Anyone whose worked with me will tell you I’m not here for the surface level shit. The work I do goes DEEP, and it works FAST.

If you are ready to awaken to the power within, protect your peace, reach your potential and step into your next level life then… I am here to guide you and hold your hand every step of the way


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