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       Hey, I’m Sophie

My mission is to help you become the most authentic, empowered and lit up version of you by breaking free from doubt, negative thinking and fear so you can protect your peace, raise your worth and live a life beyond limits.

I help high achieving, ambitious women rewriting the script for what they think they’re capable of by dropping the good girl, people pleasing, perfectionism that keeps them settling for average, sleeping on their dreams and outsourcing their power through shame, blame and comparison.

In working with me you build a powerful mindset and deep self connection so you can go from self critical, stuck and overwhelmed to seeing with real clarity, embodying magnetic confidence and feeling true contentment in your life and within yourself.

 – Building your self belief and rewriting the script for what you think capable of
– Trusting yourself to make moves you really want to take without fear holding your back
– Feeling worthy of your dreams, desire, knowing with confidence that you can achieve them
– Waking up each morning energised and at peace, excited for the day ahead

It’s all possible babe, if you’re ready to do the work!

If you’re ready to challenge the limiting, critical thoughts, build a mindset that works FOR you and step into your next level life WITHOUT the sabotage, worry and hard?

Then I am here to help you bridge the gap every step of the way. 


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