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       Hey, I’m Sophie

I’m a mentor, healer, coach, facilitator and guide for women. I have become an expert in helping women return home to themselves, turn back on to life, overcome their limits and reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies.

I comebine NLP/mindset coaching, body based healing, subconcious reprogramming, femninine embodimned with real-talk and grounded practical wisdom to help women transcend the blocks and patterns that have kept them stuck for YEARS, restore emotional regulation (no more highs and lows or hustle and burn out cycles), physical well-bieng, sexual health so they can create sustainable success and an overal orgasmic life.

I know all too well how easy it is to lose our way from time to time, to fall victim to the pressure, the self imposed expectations, unmaintable standards and the self limiting thoughts. I know what it’s like to have your health suffer because you’ve pushed yourself too far. To find you’ve become numb to sesation, your last priority, and that life has taken you out of your body dulled your life force and left you disconnected & like a lesser less shiny you.

I know what it’s like to try all the things and feel like nothing is working.

& thats why I’m here my love. I know exactly where you need to start and how to help you create the change and healing your crave.

It’s time for a RECLEMATION.

Instead of struggling, forcing and pushing your way through, it gets to be so much easier to get to where you desire to go. 

You deserve to feel at home in your skin, turned on by your life and to embody the highest levels of self worth and belief my love. I’m here to provide the strategies and support you need to heal, to come home and to step into the softer, sexier, more alivened version of you your soul craves to be.

Holding space for other women to rise into their power and create the life they dream of isn’t just a job for me, it’s a soul led mission.

If you are ready to know what it’s like to have IT ALL, I’m here to help you make that happen.


The 3-Step Guide to MAGNETIC MANIFESTING for 2024

The 3-Step Guide to MAGNETIC MANIFESTING for 2024

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Trusting In A Higher Power

Trusting In A Higher Power

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Make Feeling Good A Practice

Make Feeling Good A Practice

Make Feeling Good A PracticeThe whole reason we want any of the things we do is because we think we will feel good when we get them but if you don’t feel good on your way to getting them, then in most cases you wont be able to get them in the first place. We live in a...


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