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       Hey, I’m Sophie

I’m a mindset mentor and transformational life and empowerment coach for women. I lovingly guide women back to their most confident and empowered self so they can access the MORE their soul is craving, ditch the low vibe, disempowering thoughts that are keeping them stuck and harness the unlimited wisdom, power and  potential that lies within.

I have a burning passion for personal expansion as it is through the process of self discovery and healing we can overcome our biggest limits and access the deepest parts of ourselves that are the catalyst to living, being and feeling the way we TRULY desire.  It is through this work that we get to feel a deeper sense of control over our world as we hold ourselves to higher standards and meet the challenges with grace and courage.

Through my 1:1 coaching I support in trancending the blocks that have kept your stuck for YEARS, to trust yourself like never before, realise and act on the things your heart is truly craving so you can make your “unrealistic” dreams a reality and create a life  overflowing in pleasure, power and abundace.

My background, qualifications and teachings include transformational coaching, subconscious reprogramming, NLP/mindset coaching, healing and trauma informed modalities, feminine embodiment and empowerment principles. I combine the modalities I’m trained in with real-talk, grounded practical wisdom. Over the years I’ve built a coaching and healing business of significant impact.

You deserve to feel at home in your skin, turned on by your life and to embody the highest levels of self worth and belief my love.

However I know ALL TOO WELL, how easy it is to lose our way from time to time, to fall victim to the self limiting thoughts in our head, to keep muddling through without a clear direction, either caught in the hustle or immobilised from action and disconnected from who we are and what we really want, leaving us unfulfilled, running in circles without a clear path out. 

But the path is always there my love, my job is to illuminate that for you and my super power is helping you navigating the blocks in your way.

Picture this…
You’re in a swimming pool fully clothed and you’ve dropped your keys. You’re trying to find them but you cant see through to the bottom on the pool. You begin splashing around, trying to dive down, frantically searching for your keys. It makes it even harder to see and as you dont have goggles, you now you have water in your eyes, ears, nose and throat. It’s not until someone on the side shouts your name and tells you that they can see your keys that you calm down. They guide you towards them and they hit your feet on the bottom of the pool, once you’re there you easily pick them up.

This is much what the coaching journey is like my love, instead of struggling, forcing and pushing your way through, it gets to be so much easier to get to where you desire to go. I’m here to provide the strategies and support you need to go to the next level in life, career, business, and love.

Holding space for other women to rise into their power and create the life they dream of isn’t just a job for me, it’s a soul led mission that I have burning passion for.

If you are ready to awaken to the power within, protect your peace, reach your potential and step into your next level life then… I am here to guide you and hold your hand every step of the way


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