“My name is Ana and I decided to work with Sophie because I had left my job and had been out of work for a few months, unsure of where to go next or even if I was in the right industry. I had also been feeling really disconnected from myself and wanted to further my self development so thought a coach would help guide me through these panic years of the late 20s. 

Sophie’s EVOLVE method was insightful and made me dig really deep which was challenging at times but Sophie was able to push me the right amount whilst reminding me that I was in a safe space. Every session with her felt fun and engaging and very productive. I was able to instil changes recommended by Sophie in my daily life –– for example daily gratitude’s –– and this helped change my headspace a lot.

Through our time together I got really specific and clear on what I wanted to achieve and set a goal. Shortly after working with Sophie I landed in the EXACT job I was hoping for and every item we wrote down on my goals list has since come to fruition, not only external shifts, but the internal changes too. The amount that shifted in just a few months was insane.

I would without a doubt recommend Sophie as a coach! You can tell this is her absolute passion and everything she does is with sincerity, positive energy and a kind heart and that’s exactly what you need in a coach. 

Thank you Sophie <3 xxxxx”

Ana, coaching client

“Before getting coached by Sophie, I found myself stuck in a rut. I often found myself replaying my ‘regrets’ in my mind and wishing things we’re different but not understanding why I kept facing similar challenges regularly. After working with Sophie, my anxieties about life and the future slowly started to turn into excitement. Sophie gave me the tools I needed to start living life without holding back or imagining everything that could go possibly wrong. After each session I began to feel emotionally lighter, and ready than ever to create a life that I love. More importantly, she made me realise that I deserve it too. I’ve always been on a quest to find ‘true happiness’ and working with Soph has allowed me to find happiness in the everyday.”

Nicolette, coaching client

“I have loved working with Sophie, she holds a safe space to question, explore and discover what I really want from life, and has helped me instil routines and daily habits to become a better version of myself.
I find our weekly check ins keep me accountable and inspired to continue to take action.
The use of visualisation practise has left me inspired and excited for the future me to come.”

Pippa, coaching client

I had let my fitness slide last year so decided to seek support from a coach as I was unable to keep myself accountable. I contacted Sophie and started a 12 week coaching plan.

Together we established WHY it was so important to make this shift and what was holding me back presently. The clarity and understanding of why I was doing this gave me the motivation and determination to keep going. She really shifted my mindset and kept me positive and focused. She set me up with a clear action plan and we had weekly meetings to check on my progress.

She really kept me on track and I’m still using the techniques like writing out my daily intention which I love as this keeps me focused. I’ve had great results and couldn’t have achieved it without Sophie’s support. I totally recommend her she’s with you every step of the way and seems to really get to the root cause of what’s holding you back. Can’t thank Sophie enough.”

Catherine, coaching client

Thank you for today Soph. What a gift you have, being able to help people discover who they truly are and what they can achieve.”

Adelaide, coaching client

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