Hey my love, I’m Sophie

A transformational life and mindset coach

As a coach, I support women who want more from life to come home to themselves, grow, expand and realise how incredibly powerful they already are when they raise their self worth, change their thinking and lean in to see their potential.

Through my coaching, I empower ambitious women to unapologetically create the life they dream of, dial up their self-worth, stop settling for less and awaken to the power within by building deep self awareness, unshakable self belief and a soulful relationship with self. 

I hope that that I can help bring you the tools, resources and information you need to step out of the shadows and into the light so you can unlock a life beyond limits, as the most empowered, lit up version of you.

 How my journey began –

I was someone who was totally and utterly lost, filled with anxiety, consumed with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, living with endless health problems and insomnia, until one day I made a promise that suffering wasn’t going to be my reality.

From the outside looking it, you would have thought I had it all figured out. I got the grades, the degree, the job, lived the #fitspo life, ate #clean, worked on myself, was the one people wanted to be around, who friends came to for guidance, and who could never work out how “I did it all”.

I was so busy making life look perfect from the outside, ticking boxes and kickin’ goals that I didn’t get chance to think about what really made me happy. I was a world class people pleaser, with a serious need to prove yet nothing I did EVER felt enough. I hated my job, my body and the voice in my head bullied and judged me every moment of the day. I was completely exhausted and desperate for change.

I tried starting a Instagram page to pursue my passion, ended a 4 year relationship, I tried therapy, I read books, consumed hours and hours of free content but my inner world was still a mess, my eating disorder was at its peak, work was unbearable, I was far away from friends, struggling to pay the rent and I hit rock bottom.

I prayed for help and one day, out of nowhere at a spin class I got offered a job interview. One week later I got offered a job opportunity in Melbourne.

3 months later I packed up and left. I swore things were going to be different, that I would do anything to make this work. A voice came from deep within and said, “It’s time to go inward and find the answers” and so my journey began.

I entered a spiritual awakening, connected deeply with the universe, realised that I wasn’t alone, that I was deeply guided and that we were meant to feel GOOD. 

I committed to doing whatever it took to find happiness and peace from the inside out and was ready to let go of all of the bullshit thoughts and disempowering behaviours keeping me stuck in struggle.

I did the work, committed to years of reading, learning, courses, coaching and painful growth. Healed my inner child, witnessed my shadows, built my belief, trust and worth and mastered my mindset.

It didn’t happen over night. There were as highs and there were lows, but I owned every part. As I transformed my inner world my outer world followed.

 I manifested the craziest opportunities, deepened my relationships, I found my purpose, met the love of my life, started the business of my dreams and made more money than I’ve ever had. 

 I have proven to myself that I get to create my reality by getting out of victim mode, taking responsibility, listening my soul and taking bold action.

I just had to believe I deserved more, stop settling for less and trust myself to leap.

So trust me when I say I know how you feel

I know for a fact I’ve been there because there aren’t many places I haven’t been, which means I know how to guide you out of the overwhelm, frustration, stuckness and towards an incredible, aligned life that makes you feel alive every damn day, even on the worst day.

I know how to help you find clarity, create inner peace, calm and develop a healthy and beautiful relationship with yourself where you show up for your dreams and desires, keep your word, make your thoughts work FOR YOU and become your own best friend.

With my help you will begin to understand yourself on a DEEP level, witness your value, feel your worth and become deeply connected to your highest self who ALWAYS knows the way.

It’s time to stop letting life just happen to you, time to stop waiting, giving your power away, self-sabotaging, playing the victim and wishing things were different and instead actually go out there, take ownership, control, sit in the driver’s seat of your own life and show the fuck up so you can finally live life on your own terms and create a reality of overflow, peace and abundance that you didn’t even know was possible for you,

There is so much more available to you babe, so let’s go.


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