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I know you have tried ALL THE THINGS, and you’re still trying the find ‘THE THING’ that’s going to give you the answers you need.

That thing is going to come through healing your trauma, reconnecting with your bodies wisdom (after years of disembodiment) and expanding your capacity to receive and experience more pleasure. Weird I know. 

But the amount of good and ease you experience in your life, comes from how much good and ease you can tolerate feeling in your body over an extended period. We’re not conditioned to hold a lot of pleasure for a long period, which is why things feel so flippin’ hard all the time. 

I specialise in the deep work that is require to recalibrate you whole being to be a match for how you desire to feel – happy, healthy, wealthy, alive, blissful and at peace. 

Imagine a single session that facilitates profound transformation, leaving you more clear and connected to yourself than you’ve potentially ever felt before. Now, envision the extraordinary magic that awaits after weeks or months of 1:1 support.


You want to feel at home in your body, at peace in your soul, aligned in your purpose, nourished by your relationships and turned on by your man – you want an orgasmic life

Is this you?

  • Your experiencing a constant stream of health issues, chronic fatigue, IBS & gut issues, skin breakouts, hormonal issues & painful periods. You’re now ready to consider a more holistic approach because allopathic medicine, diagnosis & multiple invasive protocols are NOT giving you the answers

  • You can tell your nervous system is dysregulated. You feel numb and restless and struggle to access the higher states of pleasure, joy and bliss. It feels like the dial is turned down on life

  • You’re on your way burn out again, exhausted, drained & your inner defeatist is running the show. It feels like you’ve tried everything and you need someone to show you where next

  • You’ve been wondering if “maybe this is it” for you. Whether it’s easier to stop trying or hoping, but settling makes you feel just as sick. You still have the fire within you, you just need to be shown the way
  • Old wounds and issues that you thought were in the past have resurfaced again. You’ve tried therapy, you’ve done A LOT of work on yourself so why do these demons and old patterns keen arising??

  • You’re never fully satisfied and always chasing the next big thing in the hope that it will make you feel something.

Through private coaching I support you with









Wana know how we can work together?

A bespoke experience is awaiting you…

This is not like other coaching containers you’ve been in. My coaching is meticulously crafted for women who want to have it all and have a strong commitment and an unwavering desire to create an extraordinary life filled with freedom, fun and purpose.

So that means it isn’t your typical coaching journey either. You are paying me to venture into unexplored territories where profound transformations and healing await you.

 I’m not about cliched, one-size-fits-all solutions. My approach blends mindset, subconscious work, and feminine embodiment in a unique and powerful way. It’s about weaving together different threads of your experiences, including therapy, mindset work, and deeper healing, and integrating them with the transformative power of feminine embodiment. This powerful combination is what enables you to have your cake and eat it too.

I am not hear for the surface level sh*t. Our sessions go beyond surface-level discussions. Together, we’ll dive into reprogramming your nervous system, unlocking your authentic self, and embracing a radiant, magnetic, and expansive version of you. 

What can you expect? The liberation from old triggers that no longer hold power over you. Moving through the world with a state state of calm. Feeling turned on and alive in each moment. You’ll become a manifesting machine because your energy with so red hot and you’ll have the ability to navigate life’s challenges with grace, ease, and self-assurance, free from self-judgment. 

The way I guide you will be unlike anything you have experienced because I work with body, mind, soul, spirt and energy to create a wholistic shift. In all cases you will deepen the relationship to yourself, build your worth, confidence, trust and belief and create powerful shifts in your life.  

We will create a powerful space for you to embody the woman you want to be. You goals and dreams will be my goals and dreams and I will be in your corner every step of the way.

This experience is a minimum of 6 sessions and costs start at $3,000 USD. Split payment options available.

If you’re not yet ready to fully commit to this transformative journey, I encourage you to explore the 1:1 intensive below.

If you’re not ready for the full experience just yet, maybe the1:1 Intensive is for you?

The intensive is perfect for you if you are not ready to invest in a longer term commitment but want to experience rapid shifts.

We do healing & coaching for whatever area of your life you need help with. Whether it’s relationships, anxiety, confidence, relationships, sexuality, trauma, business, career, feminine embodiment, mindset, health. You name it, we can do it. 

In just 3 sessions over 4 weeks HUGE shifts are possible.

You’ll feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you’ll feel closer to being the dream version of you.

This is for you if…

  1. You want to make big shifts quickly & you’re ready to go deep
  2. You have 1-2 things you want to work on   
  3. You are very self aware but keep getting triggered by the same things, no matter how much you try to tackle it 

Includes 3 1:1 sessions (90 – 120 mins each), custom resources / practices as required, and telegram message support between the sessions for questions, integration and further support. This is to be used in a 4 – 6 week period. Split payment options available.

If you want to find out which is the best option for you and whether we are a good fit, I would love to chat.

I offer free 30 minute discovery calls for us to get to know each other and explore whether coaching is right for you.  Click the link below to choose a time that works.

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