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My 1:1 clients are those who are READY to show up, dive deep and give it 100% for INSANE results. My coaching is not for those who want to go surface level, it’s for women who are prepared to go THERE. To the spaces and places that will evoke wild, life changing transformation. Change is not always comfortable, high vibe or easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it.

I specialise in the deep work that is require for change, I’m not just giving you mediations, workbooks and journal prompts. We will use DEEP modalities that work body, mind and soul which I have adapted from a broad range of teachings to get you out of apathy, doubt and sabotage cycles and allow your nervous system to regulate so can access profound clarity, take empowered responsibility and rapid action that breaks you free from victimhood, procrastination and avoidance.

From here you have greater control over your emotions and actions and can follow through on and show up for the things that are going to carry you forward, as well as embody the elevated and empowering beliefs about self that you have NOT been vibing of late.

I combine this with powerful mindset and self discovery work that results in mind, body and soul shifts. Basically we’re rewiring your whole being to be a match for who you want to be, the results you crave and the life you want to life. 

It really does feel like magic, for you and I both.

You’re here to do bigger things,
craving rapid expansion, to feel good in the process and I can help you get thereWITHOUT old limiting patterns, self doubt or low confidence getting in the way.

Answer these for me…


  • Are you longing for the life of your dreams but you feel ‘stuck’ and ‘blocked’ in getting there?
  • Are you sick of not voicing your opinion, saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’ and lacking healthy boundaries?
  • Do you struggle to be vulnerable and ask for help because “you’re a strong independent woman”?
  • Do you feel like you’re shrinking and altering parts of yourself to fit in?
  • Are you tired of your lack of confidence and self trust getting in the way of stepping into your fullest potential?
  • Is lack of confidence holding you back in work, friendships, social situations, sex, life and relationship?
  • Do you have blocks around money that stop you from investing in the things you want most or make you feel guilty when you spend on yourself? 
  • Do you desire to build the relationship more deeply with yourself and to vibe the women looking back at you in the mirror?
  • Do you desire to be less in your masculine and be more connected to your empowered, flowy feminine ?
  • Do you want to drop your protective barriers, feel safe to soften, open call in the secure relationship your soul craves?
  • Have you or do you struggle with binge / disordered eating?
  • Did you experience trauma as a child; including things like bullying in school, feeling left out, less than, instability at home?
  • Do you want to feel like a QUEEN as you walk down the street?
  • Do you want to attract more money so that you can have more freedom & security?
  • Do you deeply desire to be unapologetic, unfiltered, confident and bold but experience feelings of shame towards attracting or receiving attention and fear the judgement of others?
  • Do you feel like you’re going around in circles, never quite getting there?

This is for the woman…


  • Wants to live her best life and feel empowered AF at all times… even in the moments of deep conflict and challenge
  • Desires to open her heart and feel grounded and strong within herself
  • That wants to become her main priority. To stop running so fast & truly come home to herself, her body, her power and learn how to ground and connect
  • Is done with being addicted to hustle and ready to let go of victimhood
  • Is done overthinking every little thing & ready to for mental freedom
  • Whose perfectionist ways keep her stuck in serial planning & procrastination
  • Is desiring to feel secure in herself instead of low level anxiety at all times 
  • Has done all the mindset and manifestation work but still feels blocked
  • Is ready to be seen, to take up space, to be the main character of her life 
  • Is ready to let go of her need to control and learn the art of surrender
  • Wants to release all fear caused from the past and is ready to LIVE her life!
  • Wants a deep experience where she is fully supported and feels safe to explore parts of her mind that may have been unavailable or hard to reach in the past
  • Is ready to feel empowered, anchored and present in her body

What to expect…

My 1:1 spaces are completely personalised to you & your journey. At the start we go through the outcome you are looking to achieve, the goals you desire to reach and where you are hoping to be by the end and each session will be tailored around what you need support on in the moment. 

We meet bi-weekly on zoom for up to 90 minutes across a 6 week or 3 month period depending on your needs. This is where the the deepest part of your coaching will take place. I will provide bespoke resources and we talk frequently in-between sessions through voice note messages, where I provide further coaching, guidance and support to enable rapid shifts. Nothing is off limits in this space when it comes to  your expansion.

The container is a powerful space where I will reflect your blindspots and get to the root of the issue. My gift is to take you deep within. Most women do not realise this is the work they need to do to receive what they desire. The way I guide you will be unlike anything you have experienced because I work with BODY AND MIND to create a wholistic shift. In all cases you will deepen the relationship to yourself, build your worth, confidence, trust and belief and create powerful shifts in your life. 

My clients get results in just one session, so I can’t wait for you to see your results after multiple sessions!

I’m here to inspire, guide and help you realign the behaviours that keeping you stuck and get you BACK ON TRACK to living the life you deserve! I will be loving and direct as I hold you to a higher standard, help you navigate the deeper layers, be there through any challenges and remind you of your power.

We will create a powerful space for you to embody the woman you want to be. You goals and dreams will be my goals and dreams and I will be in your corner every step of the way.

There really is nothing like 1:1 work, if you feel the pull, lean in. 

90 minute BREAKTHROUGH Session

A 90 minute intensive is a results focused coaching session designed to help you work through a specific block or get clarity on a particular area of your life so you can break free from the overwhelm and anxiety and move forward with confidence.

You will leave the session feeling grounded, motivated, inspired & with a clear understanding of what you need or where to go next.

Voxer Support is provided for 48 hours after the session where you are free to plug in and further unpack what we worked through & I can continue to support you with the integration.

This session is for you if you feel like something is holding you back but you are unsure where to begin, or if you need some help navigating a challenge in a specific area of your life. 

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I offer free 30 minute discovery calls for us to get to know each other and explore whether coaching is right for you.  Click the link below to choose a time that works.

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