Trusting In A Higher Power

When I was first starting out on my spiritual journey I remember reading Gabby Bernstein’s book, “The Universe Has Got Your Back”. I had always felt a sense of inner guidance and support and this book was probably the first thing I’d resonated with that really pushed me to connect me deeper to the concept of a higher power.

I had this feeling of immense relief and comfort to know that I wasn’t alone, that I didn’t have to do it all myself, that the universe was working to support me.

At the time I was healing from a long term relationship and I just wanted to be okay again. The only thing that gave comfort was the knowing this this was all part of my journey to where I wanted to be.

I started to understand that every experience had its rightful place in life. That there was a reason I needed to experience the hardships in order to make me into a better me. I needed to have these experiences to show me what I hadn’t healed yet and understood this was all part of the journey to attain the fulfilment I craved.

I know there are many of you that have a sense of deep impatience and frustration running through you. A feeling of being lost and a fear that stuff wont work out in the way you want.

It can feel very isolating but this fear to provides a false sense of control. It is our egos way of making us feel like we are doing something but this just puts you even more in your own way.

If you are someone that feels connected to the concept of “the Universe” or a higher power then lean into it. It is amazing what happens when you stop trying to figure it all out on your own and ask for help. In order to see the signs and receive the guidance you have to give up control and surrender.

This means hitting pause on trying to figure things out and forcing solutions that never work.

I used to be fearful of this, thinking that if I stopped pushing or “trying” the things I wanted from life wouldn’t materialize. It took a long time to understand that it was my limiting beliefs and ego that were preventing me from truly letting go.

I was told in every spiritual reading that I was blocking myself and that I needed to lean in to trust. I literally didn’t get what they meant as I thought I was already doing this. It wasn’t until I started setting up my business and burnt myself out to the point of oblivion that I realised how much I was resisting letting go. How much I actually didn’t trust myself. And that’s when I finally got it. Sometimes we have to completely tools down and step back to get the perspective we need.

We are the only ones in our way.

Every moment I truly surrender and stopped trying is the moment I get clarity. Every time I give in a little more is when I am shown what to do. I know this feels confusing when it comes to knowing where to start but if this resonates with you start by getting curious.

Surrender isn’t about giving up your hopes and dreams, but giving over your agenda, timeline and control to the universe and allowing it to happen in the way it is going to. I know tapping into the concept of the universe isn’t for everyone, and that is okay. The concept of letting go taking a step back to stop pushing is universal though.

For me, the deeper I allow myself to connect to universal guidance, the easier it gets, the more balanced I am and the more peace I feel.

The point of writing this is to say that you don’t have to do it alone. You are supported and you will be shown the answers if you make space to hear them.


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