“Unlock Your Manifestation Power: The 3-Step Guide to MAGNETIC MANIFESTING for 2024”

Maybe you’ve heard that “it gets to be easy” and that you can “attract” your desires to you and you fancy jumping on board for some of that? 

I’m going to share the how in this post. 

Whilst this doesn’t mean challenges never happen, you do not have to take action, put in the effort or, that everything you want just magically appears… it does mean this through intention, being an energetic match for what you desire, having high belief, alignment and trust, you will naturally attract what you desire to you in the craziest and most effortless of ways.

One of my most potent secrets to manifesting my dream life is knowing and embracing the energy I want the upcoming year to hold. 

Setting your intentions for the year ahead isn’t something to tick off your to-do list so you can feel productive or like you’re part of the latest “that girl” trend. 

It’s an act of self-love and devotion that sets the whole tone for your year ahead. An opportunity to tap into the magic of manifestation, align your energy, set your standard,  tell the universe what you’re a yes for, and lay the foundations of the year you want to co-create.

The key to this is to anchor in your intentions with, what I call, an embodiment word. 

I’ve been doing this for a decade, and without fail, each year mirrors the energy of my chosen word. If you’re ready for some of that, Here’s the breakdown of the 3-step process to get your very own embodiment word to define your 2024 vibe:


Begin by creating a clear vision for the year ahead. Reflect on what worked in the past year and what’s no longer aligned. Jot down high-level goals and intentions of what you think you may like to call in. Visualise your “next level self” living her ideal life. From here you’re ready to set your vision and intentions for the year ahead.

Step 2: ALIGN

Link your goals to a powerful why, your values and uncover any limiting beliefs that may be lurking under the surface (turn them into empowering statements instead). Ensure your desires are yours and come from a place of power and authenticity.

Step 3: EMBODY

Get clear on WHO you need to be to make this happen by defining the identity of your next-level self so that you can start showing up as her and moving through life as her. This is how you start magnetising the experiences, opportunities, people, synchronicities, and downloads to you that enable us to co-create and manifest your goals & desires (with ease).

Once you’ve gone through this process, choosing a word that embodies your desired essence becomes clear and effortless. From here all that’s left to do it integrate your word into the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ of your daily life. 

You might like to ask things like “How can I bring more <insert embodiment word> into this moment/experience/day? Or “if <insert task/desire> was to feel <insert embodiment word> what would that look like?” Use this word as your anchor and intention for the year ahead.

So, what’s the word you want to embody in 2024?

If you’re ready to be supported through this powerful manifestation process, join me in “Align & Manifest,” my three-part masterclass for clarity creation and intention-setting masterclass so you can step into the new year with clarity and purpose and MAGNETISM.