Make Feeling Good A Practice

The whole reason we want any of the things we do is because we think we will feel good when we get them but if you don’t feel good on your way to getting them, then in most cases you wont be able to get them in the first place.

We live in a vibrational universe and it is the universal law that you cannot attract what you cannot be vibrationally. When we make feeling good a priority, everything else can flow. Mainly we let external circumstances dictate how we feel, a negative interaction with someone else or life not going as we want it to can knock us off for hours, days or months. We have to unlearn this habit and build our practices to support feeling good even when things aren’t working out. 

Negative emotions are actually great. They act as compass points to let us know what isn’t working for us, what isn’t in alignment with our values and what we need to change. We don’t need to be afraid of them, push them down or ignore than part of this practice is using our emotions as a guide to a more connected, happier self.

As the title suggests, this is a practice and it starts with making the decision that you are going to make  feeling good a priority, the same way you would exercise or family. This basically means taking responsibility for your own happiness. You have to be prepared to get out of your own way, lose your ego and lead with your higher-self.

Secondly you need to accept feeling good is a choice. Sometimes we’re in a space where it can seem like there aren’t many good feeling thoughts, but there is often a better feeling thought that one you’re currently at. You just have to be willing to want to feel it.

We have a built in negativity bias which makes it easier for us to focus on the bad rather than the good, hence why this is a practice. It is really easy to let the bad outweigh the good despite the fact life is mostly satisfying so much more of the time.

The third part of this shift is understanding we can’t control what happens in the world around us or what other people do. We can only control our reaction and by choosing to carry forward bad, sad, angry or resentful emotions is only hurting you. It is only affecting your mood. Your day. And it is causing YOU to not get the things you want because you are energetically repelling them. 

You are still going to feel sadness, anger, frustration and so on, we are emotional beings and emotion drives every single action we make. So this is about making an empowered decision about what to do with them when they come up. Rather than letting them completely consume you and ruin your day, get out of hand, or push them down they need to be acknowledged with curiosity. You want to shift you perspective to how you want to feel, how you want to act with feeling good as the driving force.

The more time you spend implementing soulful practices into your life, the easier it gets to choose a better perspective and a better emotion. Things have been flowing SO MUCH MORE EASILY in work, life, my relationship and business since I made this shift. Clients are coming to me, manifestations are materialising and most of all I feel balanced. Those big highs and lows are practically non-existent.

THIS HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER FOR ME and I know it can be a game changer for you. Below are the key practices and shifts I have implemented as part of my practice.


  • Making empowered choices
    If I don’t want to do something, I just simply don’t do it. End of. I know I am a good friend, employee, partner, daughter etc. and I don’t need to prove myself by saying yes to things that I don’t want to do. And neither do you.
    This isn’t about ditching responsibilities, but about choosing how you spend your time around them.
  • Do things DAILY that make you happy
    Identify the things that bring you joy and integrate them into daily life. Intentionally connect into the  feeling of appreciation you get when you’re doing them.
  • Approach emotion with curiosity 
    When you notice negative emotions coming up rather than getting sucked into the inner dialogue, approach with curiosity instead. Why do I feel annoyed? What did I not get in that situation that is making me off balance?
  • Anchor in
    When I notice anxiety building or that something inside myself is off, I anchor into myself.
    This means I close down my eyes, breath into my chest and spend a couple of minutes exploring the feeling and asking myself what this is connected to and what it is trying to tell me. I really acknowledge what is coming up rather than pushing it away. I allow myself to feel into it with curiosity and compassion. This allows me to self-sooth, reframe and give myself what I need.
  • Measure success based on how much fun you’re having
    I spoke about this is a post over on the gram. I realised I had been getting caught up in how much I “had” to do rather than what I get to do. The beauty of the journey was getting lost and impatience was winning. I shifted my perspective to measure my worth from how good I am feeling and what I am creating which has released SO MUCH PRESSURE.
  • Swap Control for Surrender
    Leaning into the belief that I am 100% supported, that everything is happening for me and that I do not need to push to get where I want to be has been a game changer. Detaching from the outcome, tuning in to what I need and putting my faith into a higher power has allowed me to finally lean into trust and my intuition.
  • Choose a better feeling though
    Rather than going into a downward hill spiral of negative thoughts, I have been looking for the best possible thought I can associate at the moment.
    Rather than falling into victim mode and thinking how unfair everything is, I choose again. I remind myself I want to feel good and what thought can I associate with this to change my energy. Then I keep reaching for a better thought until the low vibe emotion shifts.


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